3 Things YOU Can Do Today!

GEORGIA Senate Leadership Contact Information

March 2, 2021

Call the Georgia Senate Leadership on the left and ask them to support HB 531 for election reform.

Also call and/or email your Senator and ask them to support HB 531.  Click here to find your Senator:


Tell them this is a good bill their constituents want passed to return voter confidence in Georgia.  Let them know we will primary them if they do not stand up and vote for election reform.

February 23, 2021

Call and/or email Representative Barry Fleming 404-656-5105   Barry.Fleming@House.ga.gov 

and Representative Bonnie Rich 404-656-5087 Bonnie.Rich@House.ga.gov and insist they move HB 228 out of committee for a vote on the House floor.  Let them know we are watching and will primary them if they do not support election reform.  This is a good bill their constituents want them to pass!

Details about HB 228 are listed below under February 8, 2021.

February 8, 2021

Two bills have been introduced in the Georgia House that will suppress election fraud. 

Please call House Leadership listed below and encourage them to support HB 228 and HB 270.  More information about the bills is below. 

Speaker David Ralston - (404) 656-5020 

Speaker Pro-Tempore Jan Jones - (404) 656-5072 

Majority Leader Jon Burns - (404) 656-5052

HB 228 

https://www.legis.ga.gov/legislation/59192 Non-citizen ID Should Not Be “Proper ID” at Georgia polls  

by State Rep. Charlice Byrd  

   There are many policy solutions being discussed to make Georgia’s elections the most secure in the country. I offer a simple, commonsense solution to add another degree of security to the actual voting process.  A simple clarification to Georgia’s voter ID code and clearly marking “NOT VOTER ID” on driver’s licenses issued to non-citizens.  This will help alleviate the pressure and confusion of poll workers and election volunteers.    

   Many Georgians may be surprised to learn Georgia issues a driving and official ID credential to non-citizens that are nearly identical to what many voters use as their official ID to vote.  The only difference in appearance from mine are the words “LIMITED TERM” across the top in capital letters.  Furthermore, there is nothing in state law that prohibits these non-citizen driver’s licenses or ID cards to be used as “proper identification/photo ID” for voting purposes.  This may have been an oversight, but many are convinced this loophole in voter ID security should be closed without delay.   

HB 270 

https://www.legis.ga.gov/legislation/59276 Bill setting earlier Georgia absentee ballot request deadline advances 

Excerpt: A Georgia House committee approved a bill Thursday that would effectively prevent voters from requesting absentee ballots the week before election day.

February 2, 2021

STOP sending money to the National GOP!  Join your County and State GOP. Get to know your local County Board of Directors and volunteer to help!  

Call or email our Georgia GOP leaders listed below and ask them to work with the Legislature on true election reform. Let them know we are watching and will primary them if the election and voter fraud is not fixed and the laws enforced in all counties.

Governor Kemp 404-656-1776 / message on Facebook
Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan 404-656-5030 /
Sec of State Brad Raffensperger / 404-656-2881 /